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About Us

Indonesia’s Premier Healthcare Products & Ingredients Distributor


It is our mission to improve the lives of those we serve by delivering the most innovative health care products, and the best customer services.


It is our vision to be the first choice for health care products in our markets, and to be known for the quality of our customer services.

Who We Are

Demka Sakti has been the leading supplier of medical equipments in Indonesia since 1984. Since then we have been the bridge that connects the best innovators with the right users.

For our principals we provide extensive networking resources, full product registration support, and the keenest minds to develop the best strategies, identify the right markets and create new ones for your innovations. We dedicate ourselves to promote and uphold the best image for your brands.

For our users we connect you with the best and the right technologies, guarantee the highest quality from our products, and provide complete, 24/7 after-sales support.

Demka Sakti can be found everywhere, be it in a surgeon’s hands, around nurses, protecting babies, or right next to a patient’s bed. You can also find or raw ingredients within your food and pharmaceutical products.  No matter who or where you are, let us be your partner towards a healthier future.

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