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The Best Centrifuge
from Japan!

KUBOTA 4000 & 4200

Table Top Centrifuge with  7 colors monitoring


General-purpose model
Maximum Speed — 6,000rpm
Maximum RCF — 5,350xg

Main Unit:

  • Equipped with tachometer port to check the actual rotor speed for GMP requirements.
  • Sample balance can be measured by the naked eye.
  • Conditions for centrifugation can be set and displayed in two ways, RCF or rpm.
  • The centrifuges come with functions that allow a delay starting from the set time.
  • The timer can be easily set to the desired combination of minutes and seconds.
  • Free running can be used for the deceleration curves depending on the sample and object.
  • Flashing memory function for easy spin-down operation.

KUBOTA 4000 & 4200

Best suitable for hospitals, laboratory, food & beverage factory, pharmacy, research laboratory, and many more.


High speed model
Maximum Speed — 16,000rpm
Maximum RCF — 23,470xg

Main Units:
  • Set rotors without tools.
  •  Micro rotor RA-2724M can be operated at 16,000 rpm.
  •  Tube racks have been developed to accommodate blood collecting tubes of various sizes (such as 5 mL, 7 mL and 10 mL) and 15 mL glass tubes simultaneously.
  • Biohazard-proof rotor that can be autoclaved
  • A lightweight fixed-angle rotor AT-508C which accommodates 8 x 50 mL conical tubes is available

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