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Hudson RCI – Aquapak 340 ML With 000-40 Humidifier Adaptor

Aquapak Short Description

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Aquapak 340 ML With 000-40 Humidifier Adaptor

Oxygen Therapy – Active Humidification

Aquapak prefilled bubble humidifiers (340 ml pf sterile water) are designed to add humidity to inspired gas, helping to control drying and irritation of the respiratory mucosa.


  • The humidifier features a micro-diffuser that produces small bubbles and greater surface agitation, allowing for a quiet operation, therapeutic humidity output and greater patient comfort.
  • 340 ml of sterile water.
  • Reservoir bottles have built-in oxygen tubing connectors.
  • Humidifier adaptors incorporate audible alarm to alert clinician to flow restriction or occlusion of humidifier or tubing.
  • Individually packaged, includes Humidifier adaptor.

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